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H A S S A N    M U S T A F A   A L A T R A S H  (Sam)
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Picture: Owen's Dry Lake Bed. Nikon D2H Digital SLR, AFS Nikkor 17~35mm 1:2.8D ED-IF Asph zoom lens.
Sequoia & Yosemite
Adventure Trail Rides

This section is dedicated to off roading adventures in Southern and Central California
There are thousands of miles of trails in Central and Southern California that are eager to be rediscovered and revisited. The echology is very diverse, from Lava Beds and Valleys, to lush Alpine forests at 8000 feet, to desolate deserts and remarkable sand Dunes. Scenic trails by Kennedy Meadows bordering the Sequoia National Park, Marsian like terrain by the Alabama Hills in the vacinity of Mount Whitney and Lone Pine. Desert sands and washes, canyons and steep hills by the Panamints bordering Death Valley National park. Super exotic dunes in Glamis and rugged desert terrain by the old mining towns of Randsburg and Red Mountain. The Adventure begins here, as this site will constantly expand. Click on the links below to ride along with us, one adventure at a time. More links covering riding areas will be added; so be sure to revisit.

El Paso Mountains & Coyote Creek             D a k a r   R a l l y               A l a b a m a  H i l l s  R i d e

C O U G A R  C A N Y O N  C R E E K                 E A S T E R N   S I E R R A S
K E N N E D Y   M E A D O W S            LONE PINE, BISHOPCERRO GORDO           W O N D E R L A N D
H  U  S  K  Y  Ride        Burro Schmidt's Tunnel & Last Chance Canyon         High Desert Rides        B I G   B E A R
Stoddard Wells  1st Ride     2ed Ride      Randsburg&Red Mountain   1st Ride     2ed Ride      Miami Motorcycle Trails      
Rand Mountains & Spangler Hills          Cattle Trails           Olancha Dunes & Boulder Alley
H U S K Y    M O N U M E N T
C u d d e b a c k   D r y   L a k e
With my best friend Cleo, at the Alabama Hills camp east of Lone Pine, California, and by the foothills of the Sierra Nevada.
In Loving Memory of Cleo
The rescue of Sadie & Domino
Adventure Trail Rides
TradeWinds RV PARK