October 15, 2005. The fall season is finally here, with cooler tempretures in the high desert region, I decided to revisit my favorite place in the whole world, the Amazing Randsburg. It was also the start of the Hunting Season, and with hunters armed to the teeth with big rifles, shotguns, quads and dogs; I decided to wear my shiney riding outfit and gave the bike a Plexus shower for an ultra bright shine. Had to do my best to avoid being mistaken for a bird that can barely fly!
As usual, Randsburg was buzzing with bikers of all creeds and breeds! They came by the bundles; dirtbikers, quad and atv crowds, Harley and chopper crowds, and even the scooter crowd showed up! There was a special gathering of a Honda C-90 scooter group in town. Don't you dare call it a scooter to their face though! Randsburg was a biker's Wonderland!
It was a picture perfect day with a cool 75 degrees. That super blue sky will change later as a storm approaches and an incredible light effect will blanket the region...more on that later! Above; dirtbikes and ATV's were all over the place, by noon; you'll be pressed to find a parking spot!
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