Stoddard Wells Second Ride
Wild Wash
Victor and Mark (MJCdirt) alot of talent between these two guys. Trying to plot our next course. We took some really narrow single tracks with very steep and rocky hillclimbs. The desert ground was covered with lush green grass, thanks to the record setting rainfall this season. The grass made the less travelled trails a little tricky!
Left to right: Steve, Patrick, Paul and Jeff. Awaiting marching orders. Paul took some really cool video footage using his helmet cam, there is a link to his site on the last page.
Hold on to your pants boys, we're about to enter the Twilight ZONE!
Mark, taking a head count after one of the steep climps, few of us could not make one of the steep hills! A lot of jagged boulders and loose gravel. One rock put a dent in my skid plate, and I sure felt it as I went airborne half way up. It was a close call, if there ever was one!!
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