Stoddard Wells Second Ride
Wild Wash
Sunday, March 6th 2005. We visit Stoddard Wells again, and there were eight of us this time. Hard to cover everyone in one shot, so bare with me as we introduce you to the riders. Left to Right: Jeff (KTM Talk: Black Diamond) Paul (SoCAtrailrider) and Victor. It rained in the desert the previous day, so there was some mud, but the traction on the trails was awesome.
Left to right: Steve (Katierider) and Patrick. Unfortunately, I did not take any action shots, because I was too far behind trying to catch up! Steve was our guardian angel, as he rode back keeping a watchfull eye on everyone. Patrick claimed that he had vision problems, but the way he was manuvering the trails, it seemed like he had the vision of a desert hawk!
Jeff and Paul. Paul was supposed to lead the group, instead he rode a bit back filmming with his helmet cam as the fellas danced infront! I hear he has some interesting footage of one of the riders flipping over on one of the steep hillclimbs. Mark (MJCdirt) came by to visit from the Dale Evans staging area and on to some serious single tracks and steep hill climbs.
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