K E N N E D Y    M E A D O W S  II
On to the Goat Trails; we decided to take Beach Ridge trail 34E27, to Albanita 35E06, to Beach 34E01, to Little Horse 34E02, loop back on Beach and take Albanita east to Jackass Creek trail 35E13, south on Jackass Creek back to Troy Meadows camp. This whole loop is about fourty miles.
With the exception of Little Horse trail, which was for the most part washy with deep sandy section, all the rest had moderate to most difficult ratings. These trails were narrow, with razor sharp rocks and boulders, deep rocky stream crossings, rock ledges and branches. Off camper shelf trails with vertical exposure and dropoffs to the otherside. Razor tight switchbacks on steep rocky hills. Above is a picture of myself on a steep rocky ledge.
Here is Greg blazing through a deep and steep creek crossing, he sure makes it look so easy. Albanita had its fair share of these crossings, it was also full of whoops and trees, a very fun and challenging trail....I think Greg has found his true calling and he was just having a ball.
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