The Eastern S  I  E  R  R  A    N  E  V  A  D  A
Welcome to the Eastern Sierra Nevada Album
Most pictures in this album were taken in the Lone Pine, Owen's Valley and Owen's dry lake area of the Eastern Sierra Nevada. This Album will be expanded soon with pictures from Bishop,  Mamouth Lakes, June Lake and Mono Lake areas of the Sierra Nevada.
Above picture:
Mount Malory (left) and Mount Whitney (right) which is the highest peak in the continental US at 14,494 Feet. In the foreground is the Alabama Hills where many Hollywood CowBoy movies were filmmed. Bottom: A panoramic view of the Inyo Mountains and the Sierra Nevada sky.
Nikon D2H, AFS Nikkor 28~70mm 1:2.8D ED-IF Asph zoom(top), AFS Nikkor 17~35mm 1:2.8D ED-IF Asph (bottom). Hitachi Microdrive 2GB.

H a s s a n   M u s t a f a                                H O M E
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