Sadie would whine when I get ready to leave for work, and upon coming back; her greeting was extraordinary. Indeed it reminded me very much of Cleo and by now I knew that Sadie and myself are now sharing a common fate.
Cleo would have wanted me to rescue Sadie and provide for her. I did so out of compassion for this abandoned animal, but more so in honor of my beloved late Cleo.
Sadie adjusted almost instantly to her new home. She picked up on Cleo's scent and knew that a loving Dalmatian lived there in peace, happiness and serenity.
Like Cleo, Sadie loves the outdoors; and also like Cleo, she would savor the moment upon coming  back home and would frolic on the floor in celebration.
Sadie posing for a picture during her rabbit watch mode and enjoying the soft rays of the setting sun in her favorite park.