Sadie was rescued by Gail McKenzi at Dalmatian Rescue of West L.A, literaly 3 hours before she was scheduled to be put to sleep. Remarkable that anyone would abandon such a beautiful and noble animal! Her documentation at the shelter noted that she was a Stray Dog, she was not Spayed' and had a litter before. Approximate age of sadie is between 2~3 years old.
Sadie was taken to a vet by Gail and was microchipped and given all the proper shots. Gail also had her spayed at the vet. Gail had her for a very short while when I decided to adopt her on November 7th, 2009. She was incredibly skinny. Her rib cage was clearly visible and it was clear that she was physically abused. Very heart breaking indeed!
These photos of Sadie were taken recently, December 2ed 2009. By now her stitches from the operation were off and she did put on some weight. She is adjusting quite nicely to her new home, although there are signs that she was tormented emotionally as she was tossed around a few times between different people and shelters.
Sadie and me bonded well, as I tried to comfort and feed her. However; everytime I would run across a neighbour, a friend or a relative; Sadie would think that she will be passed on, and would look very sad. A neighbour friend who offered to help with her and walk her around the complex where we lived, said that Sadie would drag her back home just after a brief walk.
I took Sadie to nearby parks, she loved one park in particular where plenty of rabbits congregated. She was alert and on the lookout, just like Cleo when she was young. That put me at great ease, as I wanted her to be joyful and happy.