Randsburg & Red Mountain
Second Ride
Traction was awesome on the trails with no dust, and despite the clouds; not a single drop of rain on that Saturday afternoon. This section of the trail had its fair share of rain! The bike stand was useless as it would sink deep into the mud! Greg, KTM Talk Camelguy, was kind to hold my Bike so I can take this shot.
Visiting one of the many attarctions in the Randsburg region; the Lost Dutchman's Mining Association. Campers and RV'ers from around the world come here to prospect for precious metal in the numerous creeks and washes that dot this old mining camp.
Greg (left) and myself, infront of the Lost Dutchman's Mining Association. Well; there wasn't any precious metal awaiting us, but our Tigers collected a truck load of dirt and mud under the fenders. I later removed about four pounds of the stuff!!..Hmmm..ya think I'll find any Gold or Silver in there??!!
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