Jim and Reggie discussing the route plan... we named it the Devil's Rollercoaster, as we were either going up a steep hill with rocks and boulders, or going down one!
Gearing up to hit the trails, again ten riders is a big group, luckily the dirt was still soggy from a recent rain storm, so dust was virtually non existant! Tempretures were in the low to mid fifties, just ideal riding conditions.
On the remarkable trails of the Rand Mountains, with stunning backdrop views of the Koehn dry lake and El Paso mountain range in the far distance, here's Evan and Walter jr.
Doing a head count and looking for that elusive rider that decided to scout a nearby ridge.... did I say we rode at a superfast pace and getting lost would've been common if it wasn't for Jim's clear instructions that every rider would wait for the one behind at each major turn.
KTM Trail Rides