January 7th, 2006. Loop One: To tackle one of the most difficult trails traversing the Rand Mountains, consisting of long, steep and rocky hills, deep ravines with boulders and rutts, rocky creeks and desert washes. Making our way back through R85, a series of more steep and rocky hills that lead up the peaks and into Randsburg.
Loop two was to attack the Sand Hills at Spangler, equally long, steep and gnarly, just replace the rocks and boulders with loose sand and hard clay, with massive rutts greeting you at the bottom of a downhill, just before you power up for the next steep uphill. There was some carnage, crashes and getoffs....will we all make it?!! Here's Walter, KTMTalk Wnitto replacing a fowled plug on Walter jr. 300 MXC two stroke KTM.
The trail bosses pullup to the backlot of the Randsburg Inn to meet the rest of the riders; Jim, KTMTalk Jim_bo (left) and Reggie, KTMTalk Old-n-Sloow (right)... In the parking lot awaiting marching orders, Walter jr & sr, riding two KTM 300 two strokes, Scott, KTMTalk MojaveScott riding a KTM 450 EXC and Mike, KTMTalk MJMKTM, riding a KTM 450EXC.
We had a good size group, ten riders in all, including a good mix of bikes; two & four strokes, KTM and Yamaha....the other riders, not shown here, were: Ken, riding a Yamaha YZF 426 number [3], Evan, riding a Yamaha YZF 426 [155m] and Andrew, riding for the first time his Xmas present YZ250F in bumble bee yellow. Evan's birthday was the next day, Sunday the 8th, HAPPY BIRTHDAY EVAN! Andrew is Jim's step son. All and all, a great group of riders with an immense pool of talent...that enabled the whole group to move at an incredibly fast pace for such a challenging and difficult terrain! Above picture, Reggie on his KTM 450 XC, Scott and Andrew on his Yamaha.
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