O L A N C H A     D    U    N    E    S
The ocean of sand, the Coso mountain range is visible in the background.
Sand, sand and more sand...yumi!
Wide open ocean of sand for as far as the eye can see!
Traces of the Owen's Dry Lake bed is visible in this shot.
Rugged, desolate and fun... you could'nt ask for more!
Back to the suv after 43 miles of pure sand hopping...
That was a good workout for my trail ride at Boulder Alley the next day. Lone pine is just a half an hour drive north of here on hwy 395. But I took hwy 190 east towards Death Valley, and then took hwy 136 north to Lone Pine...that approach affords remarkable views of the Inyo mountains and the Sierra Nevada.
KTM Trail Rides