O L A N C H A     D    U    N    E    S
Feb. 4th, 2006. Olancha Dunes are located off of hwy 190, the same hwy that leads to Death Valley from hwy 395. The turnoff is about 25 miles south of Lone Pine, Ca.
Not as big, famous or crowded as Glamis, but plenty of play ground if you like to frolic in the sand... this is Glamis Mini Me!
The Sierra Nevada borders the Dunes from the west, there are some breathtaking landscapes south into the Coso mountain range and north into the Owen's Dry Lake bed.
Some frolic in the sea of sand, it was like riding on talcum powder.....
The sand had a pearl white color and was super soft.... I had the whole place to myself, no sand rails in this neck of the woods...they all went to Glamis!
.... Yeeeehhaawwww.... I was having a ball!
You could do pretty much anything you want, the two stroker was light and fast enough not to warrant the use of a rear paddle tire!
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