Saturday April 2ed, 2005. Art (Hwy, formerly ATK)) and myself, burning daylight at the Silver Dollar as we wait for Tom (cut7) and Dan (Flyboy65). Art and myself did the local trail tours as the clock ticked past NOON!
A dollar spent at the Silver Dollar Saloon will get you a picture of the owner's wife in semi naked poses! You get to write your name or call on the dollar, and she'll stick it on the ceiling for you. Art got the date wrong on his dollar.
Back in Randsburg, burning MORE daylight waiting for Tom and Dan. We got pulled over by Kern County Sheriff as we were riding through Joberg, he said that we should try and avoid riding in Joberg, if we must; to keep it at 15 mph. No Tickets were given and we were on the trails, Art; thanks for recovering my hat.
KTM Trail Rides