KTM Trail Rides
Alabama Hills Adventure Ride
The 14 year old Erick was having a ball too, he was riding all over the place!
A group photo by the boulders, left to right: Jeff, Tom, Erick and Walter.
NOTE: This rocky section is part of Boulder Alley trail!! Tom charging through the boulders; this is where this trail gets its name!
Where else can you frolic on massive boulders the size of big trucks with a backdrop of the highest peaks of the Sierra Nevada?! It was there... at the Alabama Hills... and we did it!
Not to mention all the fun we were having with the incredible scenary! Tom catching some air!
Walter was treading on the more gnarly stuff!
These jagged peaks in the top left corner of the above picture are those of Mount Whitney, the highest mountain peak in the US at 14,494 ft.