KTM Trail Rides
Alabama Hills Adventure Ride
The plan was to ride the scenic Boulder Alley trail and then visit Hogback Creek trail, which crosses Boulder Alley. Both trails had some technical sections and were a joy to ride. Hogback Creek trail was a pure single track and had more technical sections than Boulder Alley. Above and below pics were taken at the far end of Boulder Alley trail.
March 4th 2006, A group of KTM talk riders and myself met at the Alabama Hills by Lone Pine, Ca. The Alabama Hills are home to some of the most unique boulder formation in the country, it's also the site where many old Hollywood western movies were filmmed. Most recently scenes from movies like Gladiator and Tremors were shot at the Hills. Here are the riders, left to right: Walter's youngest son Erick (14 year old) riding a KTM 200 exc. Jeff, KTMtalk (Jeff_in_RC) on a Honda XR400. Walter (wnitto) on a KTM 300 exc. and Tom (Tomslick) on a KTM 520 exc. Walter's other son, Walter jr. was going to meet us late PM.
Erick exhibited some remarkable riding skills for his young age and oversized bike. He kept up with the group despite the moderately fast pace. As for the weather, well; the pictures tell the story, the tempretures were mid to high fifties.
At the far end of Boulder Alley trail, where the signs posted indicate a Motorcycle Only trail.
The highest peaks of the Sierra Nevada served as a remarkable backdrop for our riding adventure at the Alabama Hills.
It was high time to get back on Boulder Alley trail and charge the massive boulder section; front to back: Walter, Tom and Erick.
The boulders were rounded and slick and this was a section of the trail.
Jeff having a ball and catching some air as he tackles the massive boulders on his trusty XR400.
The Alabama Hills are designated as a LIMITED USE OHV region; large groups and frequent OHV rides are discouraged! When riding at the Alabama Hills stay on designated OHV trails and avoid riding on rock formation that are NOT part of any trails! Boulder Alley trail has a rocky section where the riders here did some frolic; however, some pictures do show excessive riding on sections that are not wholly part of the trail! For that, I do apologize and these pictures will be deleted shortly! It was not our intention to give the wrong impression about riding in this ecologically sensitive and pristine region!