The   H U S K Y     M O N U M E N T
We had the whole desert to ourselves, with the exception of two Honda Riders that made their way to Lookout Ridge.
The gang conversing with the riders and Jim is making fun of the massive gas tank on that Honda! Jim's bike had a stock KTM tank and he was concerned that he may run out of gas doing an almost 70 miles loop to the Husky and back!
The group checking out the bikes and the views as Greg takes care of business. I kept looking for the elusive Gatorade bottle, I was being assured by Greg that it may have been found and recovered by visiting riders to this ridge.
Just as I was about to give up on the search, Jeff spotted the bugger. I got some grief on my previous ride report because I had left it there... it was totally unintentional and I discovered it was missing when I got back to Randsburg and thought it had fell off the bike! Only when I reviewed my photos that I realized it was left standing there on a rock!
KTM Trail Rides
The   H U S K Y     M O N U M E N T