The   H U S K Y     M O N U M E N T
The ride to the Monument started at Randsburg, everyone pulled in at the backlot of the Inn by 9AM, and by 10AM; we were on our way to the Husky. The plan was to take about 80% desert single track, giving us a good workout.
The gang at Lookout Ridge, a fun waypoint to the Husky that provided remarkable views into the desert region. This was the place where I left behind my Gatorade bottle, see Cougar Canyon Creek ride, and I was hoping to recover it!
Paul, Jim and Jeff conversing as I stroll around taking pics and looking for the infamous Gatorade bottle.
I had the pleasure of riding with Greg, Jeff and Paul before but it was my first time riding with Jim, who brought his new 2006 KTM 450XC. The new bike exhibited new graphic design and a beautifull black shocks and frame; however, it was lacking a kickstand, skidplate and brushguards. This may put Jim's engine casing at risk as one of the single tracks leading to the Husky has long stretches of extra rocky sections.
KTM Trail Rides
The   H U S K Y     M O N U M E N T