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The   H U S K Y     M O N U M E N T
December 10th, 2005. At the site of the Monument, about 32 miles southeast of Red Mountain, left to right: Paul; KTMtalk (Socaltrailrider), Jeff (jws) Jim, Greg (Camelguy) and myself (LavaBull).
Husky Monument GPS Coordinates:      N  35  12.  951'          W  117  19.  059'
The Monument is anchored in the desert sand by a concrete slap, Surrounded by plaques engraved with names of riders that passed on.
The site of the Monument is at a major intersection of five desert trails, some leading to physically challenging single tracks and others to fireroads and deep sandy washes.
Besides Red Mountain and California City, the Monument can be approached from the Kramer Junction I-58 and Barstow I-15.
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The   H U S K Y     M O N U M E N T