High Desert Rides
Ahh..the High Desert region of Southern California, rich in off road trails and rugged scenic beauty. This section is dedicated to ride pictures from new and older rides in that region. There will be new pixs added and this section will be constantly expanded.
High Desert Warm weather Riding Tips

- Ride as early in the morning as possible, try to be on the bike by 7AM.
- Use Gatorade in your hydration pack instead of plain water and use ice cubes instead of crushed ice, as crushed ice will melt faster. Place the ice in the pack after you've poured in the Gatorade.
- Carry with you the absolute necessities to reduce the load on your body and wear light breathable clothes under your armor.
- Carry a cell phone, and make sure its turned off, to save battery life. Make sure the cell phone is easly reachable, but not in danger of getting dropped from hitting berms and jumps.
- Don't drink coffee in the morning, or before you ride as it will make you thirsty. Try tea instead, which is also rich in antioxidents.
- Try not to ride standing up on the footpegs so much, as this will put more strain on your joints and make you tyre easy.
- Use sunblock and lip therapy, take a small, light weight hat with you along with a wet rag stored in a tightly sealed and moist plastic bag.
- Look at the ground before you stop and take a rest, make sure there are no snakes or other kritters lurking about.
- Always be aware of your surroundings, watch for dust trails from other riders and be alert at incoming traffic.
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