E A S T E R N   S I E R R A S      
November 22ed, 2005, with Cleo at the Best Western inn at Lone Pine. The Eastern Sierras, by Lone Pine and Bishop, is my favorite when it comes to spectacular scenery and rugged beauty. The focus of this ride are the stunning landscapes.
My plan was to ride to Mazourka Canyon, 13S05. I took a side trail adjacent to Owenyo rd. There were many spur rocky trails leading to the Inyo Mountains, they were fun to explore for the magnificent westerly view they afforded to the Owen's Valley.
It was cold, about 45 degrees with an approaching cloud cover over the cresting Eastern Sierra Nevada.
The stunning view into the Owen's Valley, the Alabama Hills and the crest of the Sierra Nevada....more spur trails to explore before heading to Mazourka Canyon.
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