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Top & bottom: The late Fabrizio Meoni [Spain] Gauloises KTM,  who suffered a fatal crash in one of the difficult stages at the 2005 Dakar Rally. One of 46 other competitors who lost their lives since the first Dakar in 1979. This year's Rally [2006] claimed the live of Andy Caldecott [Australia] who was racing for the factory KTM and was fatally wounded in a fast section of the second stage. 
In 2006 Dakar Rally the USA had a strong showing with the RedBull KTM factory race team, represented by, left to right: Chris Blais 2006 Dakar overall 4th place, Scott Harden and Kelon Walch.
Top & bottom: Marc Coma in the legendary Sahara.
In loving memory of Meoni, Caldecott and the other competitors who passed on doing what they love. In loving memory of the nameless and faceless locals who were fatally injured by race vehicles doing what they love; watching and cheering for the legendary Dakar.