KTM Trail Rides
D A K A R   R A L L Y
The Dakar Rally is the most demanding and dangerous race on the planet! From million Dollar factory and corporate sponsered machines to low budget privateers that compete for a trophy unlike any other to be earned with sweat, tears and oftentimes; blood! Facing off and challenging not only eachothers, but also the desolate Sahara, arms bandits and Beddwins.
The Dakar Rally is 6000 miles of hard racing, 15 stages in 16 days with most of the racing taking place in North Africa. In a Feb. 6th, 2006 issue of AutoWeek magazine, J.P. Vettraino wrote: "Dakar has it all- mud, gravel, boulders, mountain trails, riverbeds and tide pools. Yet it's the dunes that forge winners and melt losers. As much as the bandits, land mines, political unrest and sheer isolation, the dunes make Dakar alternately the last great terrestrial adventure race, a perverse display of Eurocentric excess, and a suicide mission".
Mark Miller, a three time Baja 500/1000 winner who raced a factory VW Touareg in 2006 said of the race: "Compared to this, Baja is a sprint race." A testament to the incredible tenacity of this legendary rally!

Top left picture: Marc Coma [Spain] overall 2006 Dakar winner on a Repsol KTM Rally 660 bike. Top right is Cyrell Despres [France] overll 2005 Dakar winner on a Gauloises KTM Rally 660 bike. KTM motorbikes have dominated the Dakar Rally with multiple wins.