Cuddeback Dry Lake
Thursday Nov. 2ed, 2006. This was my first outing since my last ride at the Elpaso mountains. I was anxious to hit my favorite riding areas, starting with the Alabama Hills by Lone Pine, and then ride out to meet Tom, KTM Talk (cut7) and his family, who were camped at Cuddeback dry lake bed just southeast of Randsburg.
On my way to Lone Pine, a quick pit stop in Randsburg for a snack and a chat with old friends... and also to make my reservation for the coming weekend after I'm done riding at the Alabama Hills. kicking back at Bob's tractor, the ultimate trail doc!
A group of riders strolled into town for a bite to eat at the Miner's Union.... they were attracted to my bike, which was shed with new plastic, and the mounting scheme with the Jack Rack system.
I was tempted to unload the bike and hit the dirt with the guys.... wish I had more time to spare, I really need to get to Lone Pine before dark and do some riding at the Alabama Hills.
The weather was awesome with very mild tempretures and a cool breeze.
Finally, I get to ride one of my favorite riding spots; not just because of the fun trails, but also because of the incredible landscapes and the amazing views west into the Sierra Nevada.
The next day, on Friday Nov. 3ed, I was planning to meet a couple of riders, Arnel and his buddy Stan, for the Hogback Creek and George Creek loop.
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