Cougar Canyon Creek
Nov 12, 2005. I met up with Steve, his daughter Ariel, Mario and Erick in Randsburg for an all day ride in that region. We choose the Randsburg Inn as the staging area.
Mario and his colorful Fox jersey. It was my second ride with the gang, we rode previously to the Husky Monument (see Wonderland link) and we all had a ball that day. We were expecting two more riders; Keith (KTM Talk Kamakazi_KAL) and Greg (KTM Talk Camelguy).
As the gang was gearing up for the ride, I strolled around taking is a close look at Steve's Honda CRF 450X...that bike was spotless and in showroom condition! The last time I rode with Steve he was riding a Yamaha...who knows what else he's got up his sleeves!
It was a picture perfect day with tempretures in the mid to high 70's...Our plan was to do a warmup loop in the desert region southeast of Red Mountain, come back for lunch in Randsburg and then Greg was going to lead for a second more challenging loop traversing the Rand mountains and into Cougar Canyon Creek.
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