Cleo and I traveled to Big Bear lake, she loved the lush alpine forests and marvelled at playing in the snow. The snow at Big Bear rekindled fond memories of her birth place back east and her first experience with it. So Big Bear was a favorite destination and we traveled there numerous times, often staying for a night or two.
My brother came to study in California and stayed with us; Cleo bonded very well with him; in particular because he had a late night habit that brought joyful perks into Cleo's heart. He liked to cook late at night, mostly stakes and french fries; he was generous with Cleo, as she watched his late night escapades with perky ears and a drooling tongue.
My brother and I brawled every now and then; mostly over silly things. Cleo would always remind us that life is too short to squabble over silly stuff. Cleo would come in between us and stare us down making its famous noise, which sounded literally like hummmm... it was surreal and terrific, soon after that we would laugh and the brawl was over.
My beloved mother came to visit us and stayed at our home for a while; she met Cleo with cautious skepticism at first. My brother and I missed her cooking so much, it was simply the best, and we lavished at her stay. However; no one showed more appreciation for her tasteful cooking than Cleo, and my mom was gratified and showed generosity and increased affection for Cleo. Cleo would approach my mother while she was resting and sit by her feet, showing respect to the 'true' Alpha Female!
My mother became enchanted with Cleo; she would tell me how terrific it was for her to watch Cleo dive under my blanket on my bed when she tired and wanted to sleep. My mother told me that Cleo wanted to sleep with my scent close by. When we traveled, Cleo would love the gas stops; as dady was about to share some delicious beef jerky with her.
Cleo loved everything about mother nature and the outdoors; she felt really at home and at peace playing out in the snow covered fields. She would trace the scent of rodents under the snow and try to chase them down; taunting them at every turn. That was a blessing from the sky since I really liked to travel and explore scenic routes and national parks.
Cleo is utilizing her predatory instinct by using her keen sense of smell and hearing to locate a rodent hidden beneath the mushy Big Bear snow.