I wanted to make the big move into California, so Cleo was just the more happy to join me in the journey of life. Samantha paid a visit and bid us farewell, and so we packed and drove a van crossing the great spaces between the east and west coasts. It was late in the fall season of 1994, the trip took a couple of nasty turns, but Cleo made it all bearable.
We were caught off guard just by Albuquerque, New Mexico, driving at night in a freaky snow blizzard that eventually blocked all the highways. Our heater core broke down; unable to drive due to hazardous freeze conditions and a heavy snowfall on the highway, not to mention a frozen windshield; we opted to spend the night on the roadside awaiting help.
Cleo and I were stuck in the cold of night by the side of the highway and in the middle of a snow storm.... we tucked in beneath a blanket and piled some clothes on top; sharing our body heat and savoring a moment of faith in our company and that of God to protect us. Cleo was there for me, always....
It was a memorable trip, we paid a visit to the Grand Canyon and Cleo was enchanted by the magnificent scenery. I rejoiced in watching Cleo play and mark its new found western territory, she was blissfully happy. California became our home, and we traveled near and far in the state with Cleo always going with me, she always accompanied me on all my trips.
In her new home in Santa Ana, California; Cleo was a happy, healthy and loving Dalmatian. Always full of energy, devotion and dedication. Each time I came home from work; Cleo would greet me standing up on her feet. No matter how oppressive my work day was; a moment of play with Cleo would sink my heart in joy and all the misery of the previous hours would vanish from my mind. Cleo was there for me, always.