My Beloved Cleo
May 15th 1993  ~  Saturday October 3rd 2009
A photo essay and Eulogy in Loving Memory of Cleo
On Saturday, October 3ed 2009, my beloved Dalmatian Cleo passed into the hands of God. May God bless her soul and keep her close for the day when God takes me too, and Then Cleo and I shall rejoice in eternity.
Cleo was a little over sixteen years old when she peacefully and gracefully passed on. She was born to our loving Dalmatian Cezar and Cleo sr. at the home of Samantha Akhtarzandi in the suburbs of Washington DC.  Cleo was a part of a ten litter puppeis. Samantha entrusted Cleo into my hands and ever since then my life was full of joy and happiness.
Cleo was strong,  brazen and a very confident Dalmatian, mostly because she was loved so dearly. She was also the Alpha female in the litter, bursting with energy and charisma. Cleo and I traveled all over the DC metro areas, visiting doggie parks, and other parks as Cleo loved the outdoors and I was blessed with watching her blossom into a fifty pounds plus, very well built and beautiful Dalmatian. She went into the woods in one of our outings by the river, and soon afterward, I saw a deer blazing out of the forest with Cleo hot on its tail.... what a run my beloved.