C E R R O    G O R D O
I was greeted by one of the local caretakers, he was a bit guarded at first, but then he welcomed me to the camp. We strolled around discussing the remarkable history of this silver mining site and I soon learned that the entire camp is private property.
The caretaker also told me that we're actually standing on top of THIRTY MILES of TUNNELS, right beneath our feet! He pointed to a couple of spots where you can stand and look east towards Death Valley National Park and the Saline Valley passes.
Took this picture with the help of the caretaker infront of this newly preserved cabin that used to be the camp's motel.
After 100 years, some of the mining structures still survives. Credit goes to the owners of this mining camp who have spent considerable amounts of time and money to maintain these structures and preserve the historic integrity of this once vital mining region.
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