C E R R O    G O R D O
Sept. 18, 2005: Cerro Gordo, Fat Hill in Spanish, was the most important mining camp in the state of California. Nestled at 8000+ ft elevation amidst the Inyo Mountains southeast of Lone Pine; this silver mining camp was responsible for Los Angeles economic revival in the late 1800's and early 1900's. Top is a picture from the Cerro Gordo trail ascending the Inyo hills with views of the Owen Dry Lakebed in the background.
Sections of the trail ascending from the canyons is visible in the distance. This trail started wide enough to accomodate two vehicles, but narrowed significantly with elevation gain with many blind corners and switchbacks that had to be negotiated with caution for incoming traffic. Still many long stretches where you can unwind the engine and test its appetite for uphill speed!
Finally at Cerro Gordo, after a fun uphill ride on an easy but steep 4WD trail. I was under the impression that Cerro Gordo would be deserted, I was pleasantly surprised when I saw few people up there; mainly the caretakers of the place and some researchers. The tempretures were rather on the warm side by the foothills, but once at Cerro Gordo, it was a pleasant 75 degrees.
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