C a t t l e   T r a i l s!  Lashing out on the 2 Stroker...
I was laying the first tracks in a long time on this little goat trail leading up to the mouth of Black Canyon.
I was keeping a close eye on my gas level, this was my second ride on the two stroke KTM and they tend to consume more gas than the four stroke.
The bike was super light and a blast to ride, with the stock 2.9 gallon tank I had an approximate range of 70 miles!
Although this particular OHV area southeast of Bishop was relatively small, it encompassed different type of terrain; from washes and ravines, to hills and rocky goat trails.
After 48 miles, I made it to the mouth of Black Canyon, I then realized that my lashing out and frolic in the mudd and washes has depleted whatever fuel I had to explore deeper into the canyon... I had one third of my fuel left and had to conserve for the trip back!
I took a well graded Jeep trail back to the SUV....when I got there I was at the 68 miles mark and was literally running on fumes! A close call if there ever was one!
I loaded the bike on the rack and headed down Warm springs road to Hwy 395 and then 45 minutes drive south to my base camp in Lone Pine..... I got my fix, its fun to lash out every now then!
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