C a t t l e   T r a i l s!  Lashing out on the 2 Stroker...
Jan 17th, 06. Lashing out on the smoker in a semi-secret riding spot southeast of Bishop, Ca. the Poleta and Black Canyon OHV area. It was cold, 42 degrees, I had 2.9 gallons of mixed oil and gas and my trusty backpack...saddles up and off I GO!!!!
Before long I found myself in cattle country, where many ranchers got lazy and left the side of their property bordering the OHV area unfenced! MoooooWaaaaaa..... the landscape was surreal!
I was riding at 4000 ft, and my plan was to take some little travelled side trails to Black Canyon, my ultimate destination. The Canyon itself is nestled at 7000 ft elevation, snow territory at this time of the year! The landscape was rugged and desolate.
As I was strolling around taking pictures, I saw a truck loaded with ranchers heading strait towards me... I knew I had to bail and avoid a possible clash with the locals!
I took off like a guided missile into the foothills and found myself riding in this gorge of a wash, which provided excellent cover for my excursion, leaving behind a handfull of ranchers lamenting at the smell of burnt gas and oil..ahhh savor the arouma!
Did I mention the region had a recent rainstorm and the terrain was super muddy with many water puddles on the trails! Mudd, cattle, ranchers and cowboys; it won't get any better than this...YeeeeeHaaaaww....
I was having a ball with the epic conditions, and after some frolic here and there; I decided to continue on to my final destination.
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