A L A B A M A    H I L L S
August 7th, 2005. I decided to revisit my favorite scenic trails on the Alabama Hills by Lone Pine, Ca. This area is known for its rugged beauty and remarkable scenary into the highest peaks of the Eastern Sierra Nevada. A quick pit stop and breakfast at this cafe in Olancha by HWY 395. The drive to Lone Pine was 4.5 hours from Orange County.
I decided to use the Terra Flex rear tire for the terrain at the hills, and used a KTM MXC 3.7 Gallon tank for the ride.
The trails are mostly Jeep and Wagon trails, nothing really challenging like the Goat Trails of Kennedy Meadows; however, the views and vantage points these trails provided were breathtaking. After all; this was a SOLO ride and I wanted to take it easy.
Many of the trails spurred off of the main Movie and Hogback trails, this one traversed the foothills of the Eastern Sierra Nevada and lead to parts of the Sequoia National Forest.
KTM Trail Rides